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Monday, March 30, 2009

A memorable session with Kee Thuan Chye

Ed says we look like father and daughter, you think so? =P

Finally, we met Kee Thuan Chye! It was really an eye-opening session for most of us. I am so sorry Sir for you actually spotted me dozing off for a few minutes when you were talking, forgive my rudeness for i was really exhausted. Back to the meeting with Kee Thuan Chye, what can i say about this famous local playwrighter and a man full of interesting political views?

First of all, I would like to thank you for bringing me into the world of politics, there are several issues which i never bother to give it a thought about. For example, did Anwar really commit sodomy? Well, what is the truth? No one, except he himself, and God knows right? Mr Kee also told us that the TRUTH is according to the author himself, if he thinks that is the truth, then he conveys it out. We readers are free to voice out our views and have our own interpretations on the stories, plays and political views. What makes a good politician? That is a tough question. No one is perfect I suppose. Sadly, I was told most of the politicians are greedy, they have only their best interests in mind therefore tend to neglect the benefits for the people.

March 8 incident has passed for a year. Still, the book remains one of the best seller as it portrays the voices of young Malaysians, their hopes for a better Malaysia! Most of us managed to buy a copy of that book and Kee Thuan Chye kindly signed for us with a quote of "Here's hope for a better Malaysia!" but he careless signed 30/03/2008! haha. The date doesn't matter that much, it's the fact that we did take photos with him and met him in person, listen to his talk and share a magical moment with him.

What else have I learnt throughout this valuable 2 hours session? I am inspired by Kee Thuan Chyes' love for Malaysia, that he is willing to spend his time and energy to act, write and direct movies, plays about Malaysia for us. He never gives up writing. I remember his childhood stories regarding how he started off writing and let his uncle reads, how he competes his works with his childhood friend who is now probably earning bigger bucks than him as a pharmacist. Writing may not make one super rich, it can, but then it's the works that you leave behind when you leave the world. How many of us can leave traces behind? Will we be forgotten straight after we die? But books, authors that make it publish their works will forever be remembered. Like Dr. Edwin, Kee Thuan Chye, Shakespeare and many other famous writers, they were and will be remembered forever! Hm..wonder how many of us in TESL Cohort 4 will make it to publish books?

In short, this session with Kee Thuan Chye has make me realize we as young Malaysian should treasure and value our golden opportunity to vote. MAKE WISE DECISIONS. The future of Malaysia is indeed in our hands! May we live the lives as true Malaysians and bring peace to the world through literature!


  1. Next time don't sleep in class. hehe. by the way, I totally agree with your idea that Kee Thuan Chye is a good malaysian with a lot of ideas in his head. He is a writer, playwright, actor, and even a political viewer (I guess). He is a friend of Dr Edwin and both of them are great!. We are very lucky to meet him. One thing that schocked me is his daughters' name. You may turn to 1st page of his book, MArCH 8. His daughters' name may shock you too(find yourself for element of surprise). About anwar, I don't think he is that kind of person. In my opinion, people just scared of him because he will reveal other politicians' sins. BE A TRUE MALAYSIAN!!! we should critic our government policies in order to progress.

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  3. Dear Jia Yiing,

    You seemed to be very excited to have met Mr. Kee Thuan Chye yesterday. Even I felt the same way as you...Just can't believe that a person whose works we have been reading for two of our courses was just right in front of us!Just couldn't believe it for a moment...:)

    Anyway, I like the fact that you were inspired by Mr. Kee's determination to keep on writing despite of the challenges that he had to face. Even I was inspired of the way he devepoled his interest towards writing since his young days...daring enough to let someone to read his writing as if I was him, I might have been afraid to receive comments...guess the confidence in him to write was great indeed at that point of time. He is the man that we as teacher then can set as an example to our students on developing their interest to write. Don't you think that would be great?

    Another thing that you said about that really touched my heart was about one leaving behind something in this world once he/she is no more. Indeed, you are certainly right about him being like the other writers out there...living to do something for which he would be remembered by many in time to come...because what that he chose to do many may not opt to do so in their lives...just a few would...just those with lots of courage and care in them towards others would do such a thing as writing about issues pertaining people at whole...It is like living a life by sharing thoughts and ideas with others out there and making a meaningful living out of it throuhgout your stay on this Earth. Just like what Shakespeare did...yes, he spread the idea of love to so many around the world...It was a very good thought by you my dear.:)

    Let's hope that we as future teachers could even meet the other Malaysian writers out there who are passionate about being true Malaysian just as Mr. Kee so that we could share with our students and many others about the art and love of writing...about how one can never pen off...and being real Malayasian.

    An interesting post indeed!:)

  4. Oh yes, I agree with you that after the session with Kee Thuan Chye, the idea that ‘every vote counts’ sinks deeper into my thought. I am over 21 years old but never have the urge to register as a voter yet as I do not know where and how to register. Voting seems troublesome to me. First, you have to register then you have to go to the voting centre during the voting day. Worst is when I do not know who to vote for! Anyway, the day will come.

    March 8th has proven that the rakyat wants change and they have sent a strong message through their votes. Everyone has a say. That’s the beauty of democracy. Therefore, every citizen who are eligible should exercise their right and vote.

    To a better Malaysia! =)

  5. Indeed, I really agree with you. Kee Thuan Chye really open our eyes. He bring in new perceptive of how to look at the world into our thought. If not for him, we surely still live under false truth that BN post. I totally agree to his word that people should really know the truth. If people keep the truth away, our generation will never learn from our mistake and repeat the same mistake again. Strike hard to become a better Malaysian.