Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Someone is watching" - King Lear

There is someone watching you from above. All the things you do, the soup you drink, the words you say, the hair you dropped, the sin you commit and the love you give, it's all being observed from above. Yes, we are all under God's watching eye, the Almighty power up there is watching us and there is retribution of the things you sinned, of course there will be good returns too if you do good.

In King Lear by the reknown Shakespeare, King Lear has go agaisnt the convenant, though unknowingly. He break the law of nature order. How is that so? First all of, he is foolish enough to order his daughters to profess their love to him: the one who love him the most (verbally) will be given the land of his country. How stupid and foolish is that? The most unbelievable part is that he actually banish his beloved youngest daughter, Cordelia away from his country simply because she says the truth, saying she will love him like how a daughter loves his father. But King Lear wants to hear more than that because the other two elder sisters Goneril and Regan, professed their love to their father in a way greater extend. Anyway, all these wordings are useless, because once King Lear gave away his trusted land to his daughters and banished dear Cordelia, Goneril and Regan begin to show their true colours. They not only treat their father, the King like stranger but worst, they do not respect his existence! This drives poor King Lear to madness, and i mean, true madness!

Imagine being 'so loved' by your beloved children, you entrusted him or her with all your possessions, your life, you give him the best, yet the time he got hold of your belongings, you are a worthless old man to him. Well, King Lear has no one to blame but himself simply because he has to be responsible of his own actions. Then again, all these are fated, predetermined. Maybe he is meant to undergo all these hardships and betrayals so as to know who is the real faithful daughter and who is not.

Indeed, having a filial child is what most parents would expect. We all hope to be loved and to love. But are empty promises that important that you are willing to risk everything? Well, I remember Puan Saleena Chang's advice "Be a rich grandmother!" How true is that. If you are rich, surely your kids and even grandchildren will love you! But if you are a poor grandmother, you can just pray for a better luck that they will be as true to as you are to them. In short, King Lear shows us the importance of FATE and what it can do our lives. Be good to others, and do not risk every gold card you have at hand, hold tight to it, at least you still have something to fall back on should your nearest kin betrayed your trust and love. Remember, someone is watching.

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