Sunday, March 29, 2009

The swordfish, then the concubine

The Swordfish, then the Concubine by Kee Thuan Chye can be considered one of the most interesting and easier play to read this semester. Simply because the setting is local and we can thus relate to the story. The swordfish, we all remember that story, about a young boy who saved Singapore from the Todak attack by using banana stems as shield, and was later innocently killed by Sultan Iskandar simply because the politicians are afraid to loose their face and position to a young boy.

Yes, this story is sarcastically connected to politics, an area which I really need to polish at. Politics are dirty, so they say. This is so true! From the emotional point of view, the poor boy who is the hero and saved Singapore is actually murdered because the other politicians are jealous! They are afraid they will loose their positions to someone brilliant. Those losers just want to secure their seats and they are 'brilliant' enough to fool the foolish sultan. And being a SUltan, how can he be so so foolish?! Well, this is a story that tells us despite being the head of a company, you have laws to abide. Even if you are the king, there is still a more powerful force up there who is watching over the things you do. Do not break the law of nature, or you will suffer from the retribution, face the reversal of fortune, your life will be doomed, and this might lead you to madness.

The concubine is another story which attracts my attention. Nurhalisa, the concubine of Sultan Iskandar, is symbolised as someone who is always thirsty of knowledge, she is curious to know more. This positive attitude of hers (and also her beauty, of coursE) has lead to the jealousy of the sultan's wife. Without listening to the truth but to rumours, Sultan Iskandar actually put the death sentence to his beloved concubine Nurhalisa through impalement! Impalement is the cruelest way to kill someone. The spear is pierce through her bottoms, all the way up out of her mouth! Imagine the torture she has to undergo! And also the humiliation she has to bear, over something she is framed! Man, who is the King to do such a crime?! Putting an innocent lady to such shame and torture, thankfully there is GOD, since Sultan breaks the convenant of the order of nature, he looses his country at the end. This is the retribution. Do you believe in Karma now?

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