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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello Swordfish, Goodbye Oedipus

Finally, we finished reading the drama 'Oedipus Rex' under the dedicated guidance of Dr. Edwin. The first time I read on my own, i just catch the surface meaning of the drama (and that is with reference to wikipedia!) I wonder how many of us truly understand the underlying message of this drama at first read.

Anyway, after these few weeks of lecture with Dr. Edwin, again, I feel there is so much to learn, explore and experience! The world is so big out there. There are so many places to travel and explore. What have this got to do Oedipus Rex? Well, I agree with the statement that travel broadens the mind. In this drama, Oedipus did broaden his mind through 'traveling'. He came closer to the truth when he was running away from home. He fears the prophecy might come true, and that leads him to his downfall as a king to a blind beggar.

Apart of having a clearer understanding of this drama, I have learnt from Dr. Edwin that teaching of Drama is not easy! How many years of experience will I need to gain before I can be like him one day? Standing in front of the class, and giving out lecture about the world's famous literature so confidently! Or worst, will I ever be that good? Hm..

Anyway, for now, we will leave Oedipus for a while and fly to Singapore to visit Raja Iskandar, Nurhalisa and Hang Nadim! I've read this drama, and find it comically sacarstic. Another good read for us to explore! =)

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  1. Let me say… OHOHOHOHO! Gimme five gurl!
    Me too, I read the synopsis from Wikipedia before proceeding to read Oedipus Rex. At the first glance, I had thought that Oedipus would be a tough text to read; and I observed our friends who had read the play before reading from Wikipedia, they had difficulties in understanding the play. So, I stated to get the gist of the play from the synopsis, and I got to understand how the storyline goes. It only took a while that I found the storyline is quite interesting though, so I read the text given by Dr. Edwin entirely at once. Ironically, I found that reading the play itself was more interesting than the synopsis! The play contains puzzling structures, but it is more comprehendible than Shakespearean plays like Macbeth (although Macbeth is the easiest and shortest play). The way Sophocles arranged the element of fate and recall of memories amazes me; it is quite hard to think the people in that era could think sophisticatedly and creatively because I thought they were “dum-dum”.
    One more thing, I have always been fascinated by the way Greek writers involve the Gods and prophecies in their writings and plays. Every God and mystical creature like Apollo, Teiresias and Sphynx is unique and amazing, having their powers and capabilities. The appearance of Teiresias in Oedipus Rex welcomes the turn-of-fate to Oedipus; no more glory and pride, here comes misery, blindness and downfall.
    So let’s see if we have things to comment and agree on next time ;p