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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Q & A session with Reverend 江

Here are some questions we asked Reverend Jiang last Sunday:

1. How to know if he's the one:
Answer: Chemistry! If one part keeps one emitting the electric, but the other one didn't plug onto to switch, in this case, either no feel or wrong timing, then it's not God's will. For God will give both the magnifying electrical shot if it's a meant-to-be relationship. :)

Reflection: Aha, that answers my question. Of cuz, being in a relationship means more than just the electrical feel. That explains why when we've a crush on someone but he's not; and when he is, we're not. Timing plays such vital role here :) Once both party switches on the switch, then there comes commitment, trust and tolerance. Hm..something which i am still learning and learning :)

2. How to share gospel, especially to non-believers like family and friends?

Answer: Have you portray your christ-like image? Did you help your mom with the dishes? Or is laziness and disobedience outshines your devotion to Christ. Think about it, once you 'turn over a new leaf' and portray the image of a Christian lady, then there's no need to purposely force/share the gospel; for others will see the positive changes in you and come to you. They will be drawn to God and not driven.

Reflection: Gohmenazai dada n mom. I've not been such a good obedient daughter afterall; guess i should be more pro-active and take the iniatiative to do the housework, willingly and .. sometimes, it still daunts me to tell others i'm a christian, i've not baptist nor have i officially accepted christ. In my heart, i do believe in God, Jesus and the holy spirit. But do i portray such good image? not only as a christian, but even as a teacher to be. hm.. same answer, i'm still learning, growing up as the days pass :)

3: If God so loved the world, why does He give such pain and hardship to His people?

Answer: For them to appreciate life more and grow wiser from the lesson.

Reflection: Do i love hardship? NO! i don't, given a choice, would you want to be sick or met with an accident just because you'll be careful on the road? Guess some people just need to learn the hard way. Yes, i agree to a certain extend that if we encounter hardship, we should take it the positive way, see the light in the outcome; there got to be two sides of the coin. For example, i didn't get the internship to Taiwan last holidays, but i get to attend the Life Camp. I strongly believe that 3D2Ns Life Game taught me more than 2-3 months internship.

Daily Reflection:
Early at dinner today, my friend revealed that some of my classmates will add 'Silverin Yiing likes this' at their Facebook comments. Reason? For I'm positive, even their complaints i'll try to give encouragements and motivation. She asked if i'm angry for they say so. Angry over such compliments? No way! :) i admit i am HAPPY (Genuinely happy)when i'm positive. I believe students will enjoy the class if the teacher smiles and gives words of encouragement instead of pulling a long face and give boring lecture. However, those who really know me, will know i;ve my emotional sides too. *wink wink*

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