Saturday, July 17, 2010

Draft for Special Occasion Public Speaking 1

Yes, it's me writing again after the previous blog sent 5 seconds ago. This time i shall be more focus: What topic for my special occasion Public Speaking?

I've thought of a few:
1. Graduation!
2. Farewell.
3. Wedding Toast!

Graduation! yes, from this, you can hv an idea of how much i yearn to finish my studies and go home. Home? Will i be that lucky to be posted back home? I've many friends who wished to be posted away from home. Since God is so good, can you please fulfill our little wishes? Random thought of my graduaton speech:

"Finally, finally it's the BiG Day! The day I, and most of us, yearn for for the past 6 years. Congratulations to all my 45 coursemates and me myself, for succeeding in our 6 years educational studies. Are you all ready for the teaching life in reality? Mind you, there will be no more micro teaching but real life teaching! No more friendly classmates faking as students but real naughty and noisy bunch of adorable students! No more countless edited lesson plans but simple and straight to the principal's office's BOOK. Aha, and not more observation by our lecturers but our students' performance will reflect our teachings. (Have I reached 3 minutes? No?)

Today, i am proud to stand here, receiving this 'pelajar cemerlang' award (angan-angan, ignore me:P). Thanks to IPG KTI and UPM, thanks to all my beloved lecturers, namely Miss Ratha, the most popular and well-respected lecturer, Puan Saleena, though you have left us, but you are one of my role-model and always will be, Miss Loh, the KJ who taught me how to walk and eat and speak like a gentle lady, our new KJ, Puan Nurliza, who gave me a very good first impression as you didn't scold me for being absent for one week, Miss Prema, who is so dedicated and helpful, Miss Nenny, bubbly and easy-going and many more. If time allows, I would like to thank my childhood, primary and secondary teachers who have made a good impact on my life as a teacher. (Time keeper, how much time have i left?)

My fellow friends, there are many teachers in my life whom have really touched my life. I am sure there are countless if not one or two teachers who, too, have leave memorable memories in yours. Let us continue to pray for these teachers who have bring light to the world. Without you, who are we? Without your guidance, will this batch of B.Ed TESL cohort 4 developed into such teacher-like teachers? Ha, take that as positive remark my dear friends. You have changed, we all, have totally changed, from wearing hot pants out shopping to decent long pants and well-covered shoes. That's a joke. Come'on, we are human beings. And for that, i will end my speech with a 'Let's Celebrate!' See you guys at the Euphoria for our graduation party! Yes, Puan Nurliza and readers, you are invited too! 10pm sharp, dress as you like, sway the body as you wish, unleash the 6 yrs entrapment to your max, for tonight's photo will NOT be uploaded to Facebook~! With that, thank you, each and everyone of you, for making my 6 years journey colourful and memorable~ "

Gee, I've written out my speech!! What do you think? Delete the last part? But it's totally what's on my mind when my fingers typed it out..HAHA! One task down, another occasion to go...Farewell or birthday? Hey, this falls under farewell or graduation?Suddenly it seems like..wadever~ Another episode of S&C then i'll think bout it. Peace!

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