Saturday, July 17, 2010

self conflict haha!

yay, Captivate JB called. Yes, i am bored to the extend that i need to find part time job. since money is never enough and i felt horrible eating, sleeping and watching movie, i dialed D number. is it real that alot of ppl wn this kind of 'relaxing' days? hm...

Yiing wake up! u shud b studyin! exam is jz 2 weeks later.
exam? oh, exam.
For God's sake, your result dropped last sem due to part time working!
nah, it's cuz im lazy n i never reli like BM subjs.
You are a teacher-to-be in less than a year, how can you be lazy?
Why can't I? Teacher is jz normal occupation.
Aha, coming from you who hv passion for teaching?
Yes, i do love teaching. but year, why is this one year so long?

Eeek..self-questioning-and-answering. This is the effect of staying too long in the room.Hm, calm down, take a deep breath. Reflect.

Why am I here?
Final year, study, graduate on time.

Why do I want to be here?
Cuz teaching will be my profession, in order word, for survival.

Can you cope with your studies if you work?
I hope so, in fact, i manage my time better when i work. cuz i know i hv to study, n working allows me to meet new friends n get out of these 4 walls.

What about church? You willing to give up sunday mass for RM100?
I will attend church, work starts at 12 noon. Yes, i might miss the

Do you really need the money?
No. i'm jz bored of staying in.

You can revise!
But no one is..lame excuses i know.

Ahem, pardon my angel-devil thoughts. Just feel like typing out what's on my mind. then when i look back one day when im bored or sad, i might laugh over it. that time, i might hv bigger problems and get sick of working, n i'll look back and ponder, why the **** do i wan to work when i get to REST? (consequences of overdosage of Sex and the city)

Tat'll be another chapter of life. :)


  1. Emm, feel sorry that your result dropped last sem. but that's life. It has its ups and downs.
    Btw, find something that will kill your boredom.

  2. sometimes we just want to have everything.