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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Toast

oh, my fingers don't wanna stop typing just yet. Since when did the love for blogging reborn? Anyway, there's something that keeps on probing in my mind: Why did Mr Big leave Carrie for Natashia? Carrie is gorgeous, fabulous, and a journalist! but Natashia is 26, young talented and Mr Big feels she's the one. But can Mr Big forget Carrie? I know Carrie still lingers on her past, how can she not? Oh...I shall write my second Special Occasion Speech, entitled "Farewell, my love"

So cliche~ How come i never thought of the idea of farewell to a bf? I've once written a farewell love letter to my ex. (Ps, Andrew, you are not reading this, if you are, just bear in mind it's for coursework purposes. :P) should i? Will the past memories came back haunting me?

Never try never know. Here comes the 10 fingers, doing their magic, i hope.



Hey, hi, i mean, hello

Can't, i can't. it's a public speaking. the target group is a group of audience!! not just one person, D person who once left a scar on your heart. Thank God it is beautifully patched up now :) Nah, I've no ilham nor desire to revisit the past. Special Occasion, hm..since when breaking up is a special occasion worth celebrate? In a way, it is. Without breakup, we would not meet the right one, who has been there patiently waiting for us. How glad am I to be born a lady. Lolx Yiing, we are in the new millineum, and you are still there thinking guys should make the first move? You bet I am way that traditional! :P

Eliminate 2, skip to 3 - wedding toast. I bet half of my classmates will be doing this topic. Why not? since it is such a joyous occasion! Hm, i wonder why my sis didn't invite me to do her wedding toast? mayb it's not our Chinese culture.

Wine glass and spoon, ready your position, here we go, 3, 2, 1

Ladies and gentleman, may i have your attention.
Ahem. thank you.

We are all gathered here today to celebrate the joyous occasion of my beloved sister, Chin Ling and her handsome husband, Yew Kim. first Yam Seng, to my new family member! yam Senggggggggggg...

I remembered the first time my sister mentioned bout his existance, it's on a quiet night when i thought sis is asleep as she is the one who usually switches off the light. Out of no where, she popped out this question "Do you ever receive roses? from a guy?"

I was in form 2 that time, and she, Lower Six. Shocked and proudly, i replied 'Yes, the fake paper rose in our cupboard over there. Why?'

'Oh, yeah, but real ones?'

'Erm, ... no, yet.'

'What will you do if you receive a bouquet of roses from a guy?'

'Who is he sis? someone who has a crush on you? what's his name? handsome? your classmate?"

I started to bombared questions to sis, I am so happy for her. for that guy is her first bf, the only one, and old wine tastes better, they got married today, after 9 years of courtship. No breakups, Amen to that, yes to some disagreements.

Sis thought me that no relationships are smooth sailing. There are times when we women have to voice out our opinions. And buying that new house, the house some of you went to this morning, how is it? Lovely? I exceptionally love it! Though it's not some big mansion, but it's from their own money. At the age of 28, both sister and my brother-in-law have saved enough for the downpayment and for this marriage. This is just one part which i admire about my sister and brother-in-law.

From this, I learnt, and wish all who are singles or getting married soon, having goals is important, be it in your life or relationship. Before the food gets cold, I shall end this wedding toast with another 2 yam sengs. Let's thank both side's parents for their marvellous and respected brought up teachings for this married couple. Yam SengGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggggggg

Lastly, with a joyous cheer, let's wish this newly weds a life overflowed with true love, devotion and may you two give Lau's family a future generation soon! YAm Sengggggggggggggggggggggg~

Thank you! "

wAh, wait till my sister see this. She's a TESL teacher too, currently transferred out to SMK Bako. she's always been my mentor, see, i took up TESL too, so you can see how much i wanna follow her footsteps. Like our Dr Nordin said, the eldest are most organized and responsible ones. Being the youngest, does it mean, it's really a God given privilege to be manja? Haha..

Peace be with you all =)

P/s we can send draft to Pn Nurliza, right? :)

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  1. Wow! Speeches done! And i have started mine! Oh man...