Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anggerik's Batik Cake Recipe

4 ingredients only!! Milo, condensed milk, marie biscuit & butter cup :)

Step 1: break the marie biscuits in pieces

Step 2: chop and melt the butter

Step 3: melting

Step 4: add in condensed milk, half can.

Step 5: Add in milo. Half packet.

Step 6: Mix in the biscuits.

Step7: mix up!

Step 8: Compressed it with a spoon.  Serve after cool down.

Total cost: RM 19 / 2.

conclusion: The fun of staying out, having housemates who are marvelous cooks~! Thanks to Efa and Ziham!

Introducing:  Anggerik's Batik Cake.  Recipe from Kelantan.


  1. My 17 year old niece is a master when it comes to Kek Batik, she started baking them at the age of 14. And yeah, I love Kek Batik!

  2. memer: wow, at such tender age~ this is my first time baking batik cake, the simplest of all kinds. batik sarawak needs more than 18 hours, this, 18 minutes :P

    malcolm: you're still reading, thanks~ will bake for you shud we meet some day :)