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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Full Gospel Church, Johor Bahru

Full Gospel Church, JB.
Woke up at 7:15am, Efa is already awake and getting ready to send me to church. I'm very touched. Last night, after the depressing 'Ballad of Anggerik' post, i opened my mouth and ask her help to send me; and she nodded happily~ Thank You God, for the wonderful housemates You gave~ (^_^)

FGC is one of the biggest church in JB, and it's a stone's throw away from my rented house here in Johor Jaya.  The stage is decorated with chinese new year festive theme.  I wonder how did yvonne and friends decorated Ka En Methodist Church yesterday.  The young girls danced well on stage; how i wish i have dancing bones too~ :)

Dancing and singing; what a beautiful way to glorify our God :)

this is just 1/3 of the hall.  
 Everyone's concentrating worshiping; i sempat took my hp and capture this scene. Yes, lately, i've been very hardworking in updating my blog and Facebook photos.  Simply because, this is my last semester at JB, and i hope these entries and photos will brighten my later working days :)  keeping record of my life, too influenced by 'A Moment to Remember' i guess :)

Epim Canteen.
 Not sure if i got the name of this canteen correct.  Btw, FGC is big; they just launched their 3 storey carpark on 1st January 2011.  Praise the Lord~ as more people can come :)

Welcoming New Visitor Corner, free coffee and cheese-sausage-sandwiches.
 I've been doing a lot of church hoping; not that i want, but it's because i've to adapt to my surrounding.  Most probably i haven't found the right church; but after going to few churches for the past few years, i realized, we all served the same God.  And each of the church has their uniqueness. hope to get baptized once i settled down then my children will have a church, with a sense of belonging :)

 Guess who i met at church? Lian Dai sister! Such a big church, and she came and sat beside me during worship, her usual seat~ Is this God's arrangement or what? Since i've transport problem to church, i stated my transport needs to the leaders; i signed up for 'undergraduate fellowship' too, it'll be on Friday night, 7-9pm. and they'll arrange transport for me. Hallelujah~ hope to have a good time with the members there :) kinda miss Serdang Chinese Methodist Church, UPM friends.  how are you guys?

Door gift in conjunction with CNY.
 Apart from the red packets, FGC printed sharing gospel mini booklets too; we can put the booklet in the red packets, and add some money.  What a good idea of sharing gospel :) anyone want? RM3 for 2 packets :)

curry rice by the Undergrads
The undergrads fellowship are having fund raising for their missionary trip to Miri end of Feb~! how i wish i can join, it's my home State, SARAWAK~ but it falls on my practicum week.  Anyway, hope they raised more than enough fund and achieve their objectives there, while experiencing our Sarawakian local villagers lifestyle.

Today's preaching: 'Will those who are born again, still sin?'

John 3:8 "The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the spirit."

conclusion: "when a man is born again, he has a new self, he is born of God, has God's image, has God's nature, do not sin and cannot sin'.

My Reflection:
Many a times, we do repeat the sin; but as a Christian, (or other religions), we will feel guilty; this guilt serves as a reminder that we shouldn't repeat the sin. For example, if you found a 'miracle' medicine that instantly cure cuts, will you cut yourself on the face repeatedly? This goes same to God. He can cleanse our sins, but that doesn't mean we can/should sin again and again.

Happy Chinese New Year to all readers~ It's RABBIT Year~!


  1. When we're committing a sin. That's the sign of human weakness which lead us to realize the mighty of God. Anyway, Happy Chinese Rabbit New Year in-advance to you.^_^

  2. a 'full of life' post! i like it..thx for sharing~