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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness & Sorrow

I was about to post a happy blog about our bread-pudding and kite flying experience, until i read few of my friends blog; they were upset.  and instantly, the joy in me faded.

Yes, that is how easily affected i am.  (for those who matter to me, only)  As for those who never care nor know me, sorry. 

Talking about friends, i have a few good ones.  Some are really God send, like Yvonne Ling. I think i can write a few hundred pages about the memories we shared. Haha.  like this moment, though i am chatting on MSN with you, i miss you~ mooshy not? :P

and Ed too. gonna miss this friend once we graduated. you promised to come to sarawak right. dont quiet quiet come, or only inform us on the last day ha. friendly reminder aje. hehe. and sorry bout the dangerous driving yesterday.  Felt bad to give you a fright, will only drive when yvonne alone is on board (since she's more faith in me) :P

and Malcolm Tang. perhaps cuz you just commented on my blog. it has been quite some time since we last chat too. quite sad to read your last blog though i can understand your situation.  But to me, going to church every Sunday gives me peace.  Now i'm staying at Johor Jaya, there's a Full Gospel Assembly nearby; but many says this area is dangerous. and i'm now thinking of carrying a knife with me for the 25minutes walk tomorrow.  (scared)

and  Sam, Cyn and Hui Yi.  These 3 ladies are like their own gang, thanks for allowing yvonne and i to tag along sometimes.  Since staying out, i barely get to hang out with you girls.  Miss Kong, kindly organize more outings? haha!

and many more.

especially the ones overseas.  how i pray distanced will not bring our friendship apart.

fun outing with my girls at UK FARM last 2 weeks :)


kite flying and picnic nearby our house this evening :)
Good night people :)


  1. I see my name being mentioned here o.O

  2. haha..like travel agent liao~
    i'm glad to have u as one of my best friends here..hope we will still keep in touch after graduate~
    how about march holiday we go north india to fulfill my regret for not going last year haha!!!!=p

  3. cny:Universal Studio & Redang Island~!

    Malcolm: happy not? haha...

    hui Yi: wah, now buy air ticket cheap mer? or end of the year, u b our tour guide to India? :)