Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Johor Bahru to Singapore

Another 6 hours, i've to wake up from Yvonne's bed. Both she and Diana are sleeping soundly.  Why am i still awake?  Have i miss home? Kuching or Johor Jaya? 

I've had fun slumbering my weekend away here with yvonne. but this is afterall not my place.  This brings me to the topic Annie discussed with us at Ang Mo Kio Singapore last night.  I am attracted to their high pay salary, especially after conversion.  Indeed, many of us Malaysians go to work in Singapore simply because the salary is higher and standard of living there is higher, and safer.  I love Singapore, so as i love Taiwan.  Both of these countries  bring comfort to me, i feel...peaceful. 

Reverend Jiang's topic on Motivation for 2011 this morning touched on the security in Malaysia.  With the decreasing crime rates announced to the public, are we assured that Malaysia is really getting safer as the days go by?  I experienced a live snatched handphone personally 5 years back when i first landed Johor Bahru; days ago, my junior broke the news that her friends' handphone got pick pocketted at JB too. Says you?

and talking about home.

Will we ever feel at-home while staying at other people's territory?  Short term vacation and slumber nights will bring fond memories, simply because they are still fresh and new. But, if i were to stay with yvonne sharing one single bed for the coming weeks, will one of us have sleepless nights? if i were to homestay at my Taiwan foster parents house for months or years, will they still be as warm hearted and treated me like their very own daughter? I am not doubting their sincerity.  Anyway, this instant, i miss them.  how are they doing? do they know their daughters in malaysia still think of them? i wish them well :)  and, many have went, is going, will go overseas to work, how many will get a PR and never return home?

and it all boils down to the fact that....

we were all children of God.

Nothing is permanent in this world. eventually, we'll leave this world. i hope to enter heaven, and i believe many will choose the same path too. In conclusion, i am here for a reason.  The career He assigned me is to be ----- an educator, not mere teacher who just teach what's in the syllabus but educate the people about life.  Wah, now that sounds big!

Wishing my TESLIANS coursemate a happy and blessed final semester ahead! May God bless our friendships and career path ahead.

annie lai, geraldine foo, me & yvonne @ Yigloo, VivoCity Singapore.
"keeping in touch with friends abroad is a blessing, to me~!"
- a smile lit-


  1. whoa, I din know you could not sleep while I was sleeping soundly. opps. hehe. Hope you have slept well during your nights here. You are always welcomed here :)

    I am glad that you are slowly discovering your purpose in life :)

  2. so much thoughts to think about it here~
    ya..traveling always broaden our minds and lets u see more n deeper..anyway, we can always make our own choose where u really feel comfortable and happiest with=)