Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Taiwan to Johor Bahru

Came back to JB on 3rd January 2011.  Efa helped me to shift my stuff from IPGKTI to Anggerik, Johor Jaya.  This, will be my nestle for the next 5 months ~

Dusty, Boy and Panda are part of my neighbours.  Boy is our watch dog at night (^_^)

My parents helped me when i first moved into MPTI. 5 years later, i moved out, with the help of my friends.  The moment i paid for this mattress, i realize i needed to manage my finance well. 'Captivate' struck my mind instantly. should i? haha.

Helped Efa and Gharm at the kitchen this evening.  Fell in love with Farah's Tom Yam paste, it's sooOoo GoOD!!

Tada~! The chicken costs RM2 only. haha. well, this is our first home cooked meal at home. Yeah, welcome to our house warming party. Date to be confirmed.  (^_^)

After a proper floor mat, a decent study table, my bed and HP netbook..oh ya, i got my Maxis broadband today!! so yeah, life staying out can be good/bad.  Depends on how you see it.  Some might think, eww,..sleeping on floor~! but after the literature lesson today, should i be grateful and say 'hey, i've got a roof on top of me!" haha.


-To Be Continued-

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