Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Program Penyayang

Love will be spread in every school in Malaysia on 1 March 2012~  I thought the month of Valentine ended.

1.  Teachers line up at the gate early morning to greet the students with a big smile.
2.  Teachers help students to adjust their neckties.
3.  Teacher praises students at each achievements.
4.  Scoldings should be accompanied by a polite reason: because we love you...
5.  Teacher makes birthday cards for students. 1952 students in SMK Kapit, 142 teachers.
6.  Teacher shakes students hands before they go home.
7.  Teacher rewards students who excel in exams.
8.  Teacher organize fun activities like singing along with the class, often.

..............many laughed during this meeting.  Personally, I am very eager to see how LOVEABLE our school will be starting tomorrow.


  1. this kinda school... I don dare to go... >.< hahahahahah!