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Friday, June 15, 2012


This world would be such a safe and beautiful place to live in IF husbands and wives are that loving towards each other. Their devotion will surely impact their kids and the circle goes. Crime rate will reduce because the kids will be brought up with moral values. Politicians will lead countries righteously and corruption won't exist. Illness, however, can't be prevented. But then again, surely all family members will be by his side and he'll either recover out of happiness or return to heavenly Father in a smile.  The poor will still be grateful and not rob because the rich will offer them food and shelter.  The lazy will wake up from their sleep and enjoy working because they are constantly looking forward to be with their loving colleagues.  The food caterers will prepare the food with a sincere heart which means they will charge reasonably and wash the vegetables few times before cooking with olive oil. The students will pay extra attention and do their homework diligently because their teachers are super patient and the thoughtful students can feel her love. The public clinics won't have long queues because the kind nurses and hardworking clerks played their roles effectively and diligently.  The brilliant scientists will not be frustrated over their failed experiments because they are so hopeful that every failure is another step towards success. API will not deteriorate and attribute bad air quality because civilized people won't commit open burning or deforestation. Females won't fear walking to car park alone or out jogging at night because 'robbery/rape/murder' didn't exist in this world.
Enough of day dreaming. Back to reality.  Meeting parents' day again.  Well, if the teacher is all that lovey-dovey, she will not complain about working on Saturdays but gleefully welcome the parents with with a cheerful heart. And the full-of-love parents' will turn up today for the sake of their students' education. And the education ministry will ... hm.. 

我只有对她更好,才能不让她失落. It all starts with giving 1% more each day, to improve a relationship.

Happy weekend to all :)

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