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Sunday, June 10, 2012


45mins to attend evening service at Hock Ing Methodist Church.

Students didn't turn up for tuition this afternoon, so slept for a good 2 hours. The most energy draining household chores would be hand washing blanket. It feels so good to step on the floor we just mopped. Uninvited spiders and lizards have their 2 weeks party here.

Another... 68 days to be home. Will do bit reflection and memories storing here:

1. Photoshoot.  Thanks Yvonne, again, for realizing my 17th birthday wish. Wonder how will the album turn out to be.

2. Eye infection. Argh, the first and hopefully the last time experiencing this. It's not that bad, just it scared to have constant yellow eye discharge.  Handsome Opthalmologist, Mr Lau Tze Wen laughed at my worries, did the eye check and assured me there's no alien objects in it. (Ah, girls do sneak a glance at guys too, their name tags somemore XD )

3. Emotional breakdown. Ah, that's just exaggeration. Burst out in tears before parents due to my naive action, again --> Traffic Fine. Lesson learned: Abide the laws. Ask for a receipt upon payment.

4. Falling in love. Hah, another imaginary story. Somehow, the last few days were spent with a happier heart. It IS true that, we have the power to control our minds. And, from what I experienced, denying those incidents/people who bring you down, by being positive and mix around the right company, will heighten your spirits.

5. Swimming. Failed to hit my target of 20 laps. >.< but still, an hour happily spent! =)

6. Crocs. Finally, got a pair of comfy shoes. It's so hard to buy good shoes nowadays. Either they are too costly, or too grandma-look.

7.  Cell Group. Oh my, I've missed out alot.  A couple got married last month and will be going for their honeymoon at Japan this November :) Another couple walking down the aisle next month. Sadly, I won't be able to attend it, due to transportation problem. No road access Kapit-Sibu :(

8. Expenditure list. Few of us are attending the Ai Ni Bu Ai Relationship night class at Hock Ing Methodist Church. Our pastor assigned us to make an income-expenditure list. I just did a last minute work an hour ago, the total SHOCKS me >.<  I mean, I didn't even purchase the S3 or the Samsung Note that I started to like! How did they get married? Money from parents? Ah....Self reminder: SPEND WISELY.Seriously, worked for 4 months, but can hardly see any savings le..embarrassing..

That's all, time's up :) Happy week ahead to all :)

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