Friday, June 15, 2012


Sistem Nilaian Sarawak.

Constantly we've new things to do, to learn.  Many of us are still blur about this SNS thingy. It's basically about setting questions according to Bloom's Taxonomy (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation), give it a status of 'Easy, Moderate, Hard' and submit to PPD as Bank Soalan.

So this morning, after the 2 hours briefing for PBS (yes, finally our school will be starting PBS for Form 1 next week) we Form 1 teachers discussed about SNS. Some teachers are very committed while some prefer the easier way out.  Is that what Steve Job mentioned about lazy people choosing the simple way out are clever?

Anyway, I'm just scribbling my thoughts here while waiting to enter Remove Class (the class I love yet fear to enter) So conclusion, we decided not to follow the morning session's format because a senior teacher pointed out their method might be less hassle, but it won't be useful as bank soalan. So yeah, lesson learned, do a good job, not just for the sake of finishing it.

10 more minutes to Remove Class. Ahh... The class is getting more out of control.  Out of 29 students, only 15 bothered to do the work, 8 supportive girls who would bring their chairs near teachers' table and pay attention. The remaining boys, arh, boys boys. Recalling my practicum days, I guess my supervisor would not blame the students, but blame me, for as their teacher, I failed to attract their attention to listen and do the tasks assigned.

If anyone of you want to experience headache, you can just enter this class (while I'm in there) and the noise they create is enough to make your head feels heavy. They just can't sit still and want to attract my attention by chasing after each other or doing arm strengthening at the door.  Also, they enjoy 'shooting basketballs'


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