Monday, June 18, 2012

A Good List to Live By and Remember (^_^)

1.  The Most Destructive Habit - WORRY
     R: Have you been worrying too much lately? Sorry heart, I will remember your main role is to 'pump blood'. Mr Worry, the exit door is on your left :P

2.  The Greatest Joy - GIVING

    R:  When my students do not appreciate me giving them notes and knowledge, that is when I am down. Shall be selective in giving, choose those who deserve and will appreciate the gifts :)

3.  The Greatest Loss - SELF RESPECT
   R: :)

4.  The Most Satisfying Work - HELPING OTHERS

    R: Tuition. My greatest Joy and it has been my most satisfying work for the past 7 years :)

5.  The Ugliest Personality Trait: SELFISHNESS

    R:  I could use more generosity :)

6.  The Most Endangered Species:  DEDICATED LEADERS

    R:  I can barely name 10 dedicated leaders at this point of time.

7.  Our greatest natural resource - OUR YOUTH

    R: Haha! A quarter gone. There are many 'young at heart' elders who looks way younger than those late twenties. Guess the key here is not to waste our youth = time.

8.  The Greatest 'Shot in the Arm'- ENCOURAGEMENT

   R:  I should be more generous in this area, by shooting others XD  Sometimes, we've to admit we're in need of shots too.

9.  The Greatest Problem to Overcome - FEAR

   R:  Can only remind ourselves when this arise: That we have a bigger God and He has everything under His Divine Plan. Thank You, Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit =D

10.  The Most Effective Sleeping Pill - PEACE OF MIND

       R:  8 hours of sleep and no alarm clock needed, PEACE :)

11. The Most Crippling Failure Disease - EXCUSES

      R:  Not crippled :)

12.  The Most Powerful Force in Life - LOVE

      R:  Something I seriously lack and badly needed at this point of life. Luckily family and friends are there for me.

13.  The Most Dangerous Outcast - A GOSSIP

       R: Queuing for 'Gossip Girl Season 5'. But honestly, I do not enjoy partaking in gossiping for the bad reasons.

14.  The World's Most Incredible Computer - THE BRAIN

       R:  I'm not a genius, nor am I dumb. So, :)

15.  The Worst Thing to be Without - HOPE

       R:  That's why my 3rd daughter will be named after Hope. Wonder if her father and her will like it. name right?

16.  The Deadliest Weapon: THE TONGUE

       R: Urghh...seriously, this is hateful. Tongues = words, they pierce and twist, slice and butcher, and not just sprinkle of salt, but alike being preserved in salt -_-

17.  The Two Most Power-Filled Words - 'I CAN'

      R:  I can move mountains for you. I can cook for you. He can miss a football match to attend her grandma's birthday dinner.  They can excel in their studies.  She can control the class. 

18.  The Greatest Asset - FAITH

     R:  Hope's sister :P

19.  The Most Worthless Emotion - SELF PITY

    R: Remember that! You are way more luckier than others

20.  The Most Powerful Channel of Communication - PRAYER

      R: Believe? I do.

21.  The Most Contagious Spirit - ENTHUSIASM

       R:  Are you feeling more enthusiastic now? :P

Monday Rainbows to all :)


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