Quotation of the Day

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Choco visited :)


Choco dropped by for another visit :)
I tried to take a picture with him using the front camera, but he's not cooperative.

He's getting old.
The biscuits I threw, he failed to capture them as they flew on the sky like before.

He's still so handsome, right?

Earlier on,
I shed a few tears staring into his eyes.

I had to shoo him out of the car porch as he's not mine.
His ang-moh owner must be on vacation, again,
leaving him behind.

Met Choco last October,
and everytime I see him,
I'd like to hug him.

I wonder how can dog lovers part with their dogs.
Ah...God bless them a long life!



  1. So irresponsible! They just up & left the dog like that?

    1. We assume the owner's away on a short vacation. Choco's clever! He'll go around the neighbourhood in search of food. He's big. Bet the spaghetti and rice didn't fill up his stomach...anyway, he'll survive, always does :)