Friday, August 3, 2012


For the past few weeks, I've the urge to record my feelings/daily happenings here
Because when I'm old, I'll have "My Refuge. My Memories. My Dreams." as my reading companion.

However, last Sunday, when I let my students' know about my blog
I have a second thought to pour whatever runs through my mind
I've to be more careful with my content and language
Are my entries worth reading?
Did I make any grammatical mistakes?
Will I make a fool of myself?

Last month, a respected officer sent a Facebook friendship request
My immediate response was 'can I not accept?'
I fear my privacy will be intruded
Then, the most unpredictable phone call came
Yeap, she called.
I was so embarrassed and immediately approved her
and explained my reason, honestly.

She laughed at me adoringly
Saying despite the age gap and career rank
She's a church sister
She encouraged me to see her as a friend
more than a superior
Things worked out fine :)

-------------- ah nong dropped by my desk for a 40mins catch up :)-----------------

In short, this week I've learned:
1. Don't let someone's remarks/opinions/actions/perceptions to deter you from doing what you like.
2. Pouring out feelings and bonding friendships make me happy, thus, I'll stick to them.
3. There are 4 types of privacy :
    1) Personal Privacy : dressing, towel
    2) Informational : Internet privacy, FB/blog
    3) Organizational : Government administration
    4) Spiritual and Intellectual
4. Privacy is an individual's right. We should respect each others' privacy, be it having guests over a shared house or a personal blog/fb.

5:30pm, the bell just rang...hello weekend \(^_^)/


  1. Once you become an adult you are expected to behave appropriately in public. This is even more so for teachers. The Internet is a public place. We don't hang our underwear out for the world to see, do we?

    As a teacher, what we write has the power to influence. With that in mind, we have to foresee the effects of every blog post & if we want to talk about personal stuff, we have to take a calculated risks which could explode in our face.

    Here is how I manage my online world:
    My blog is public.
    My FB Profile should be private. Currently, it is still very public. I manage my friends list by restricting access to certain information for certain people.
    I am going to make my FB Profile private soon with the setting up of my FB Page which is public.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Do you actually dry your underwear in your bedroom?! *just pulling your leg*

    Yes, I'm trying to be careful with my words here. Even replying you, I've to edit a few times. Hm. Sad to know THIS might no longer be My Refuge.

    I would like to complain and express how uncomfortable it feels to be restricted to voice out in my own blog, but you are right, it's time to grow up.

    No harm in giving 'growing up' a try, will see how it goes :)Perhaps I'll find it peaceful to write with the objective of pleasing others; or as oppose to you, I'll remain blog as my private diary while FB as public.


    1. A blog is essentially a tool ppl can use for whatever purpose they desire. If you want this to be your refuge, you seriously have to consider making it private.
      Ppl who read your blog esp students will not be able to fully understand what you mean. The worse thing to happen is they make decisions based on what you have written or quotes your 'teachings' to another teacher.

      If you think that I'm endorsing writing to please others, you are dead wrong. One always has to be true to one's heart.
      What I'm saying is you now have power. Your words have power. It can be used against you whomever you try to please so why bother trying to please others?
      Write for good. Something that you care about & you will never go wrong.

    2. This blog started out as an assignment back in Uni days. The audience changed over the months, years. Thanks for your reminder Jarod. Will put in effort to improve my writing :)