Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank You, my adorable clients :)

5 hours ago, I typed furiously,
pouring out my distress over exam.
Not mine, but students'.
Not the headache about marking exam papers,
but the disappointment to see no improvement in their results.

I questioned my credibility as a teacher
I questioned my teaching methods
I even doubted my colleagues' judgements
I find it rather amusing for I'm never this particular over my own results.

An hour later, that 3-mins release post is deleted.
As if by deleting, problems will be erased.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to ~~~
"THANK YOU, my adorable clients."
Thank you kids, for the encouragement and words of affirmation.
You guys have no idea how bright you've lit my life here.

Cikgu ibarat lilin?
I think students are more alike candles.
Be it 2 or 5 or 40 candles,
They lit up the classroom brighter than one teacher is capable of.
They brought us hope.
They are the reason we are here.
In fact, without them, who are we?

I wish I am poetic enough to write you guys a poem.
The feeling is building up, but the words

Anyway, tonight, you awesome people might have just convinced me to take pension instead of EPF =)


  1. For one, we should never give our emotional remote control to our students. You are still a new teacher who is learning. You should never let how your students do in the exams affect how you see yourself.

    If they are as adorable as you say they are, they will follow you. Plan the steps & take them step by step until they achieve the goals you want them to.

    You can do it. Never give up.

  2. Yes mentor :) your sentence bout '... 30years in this profession' is an effective reminder. Welcome back to the jungle and happy holidays in advance :)