Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello again, Mount Kota Kinabalu

Pack light, or hire a potter/guide (RM 8 per kg). 500ml water, ascend at 9:45am, reached Laban Rata at ...shoot, I forgot! erm, 4pm? Difficult? Looking back, not really, it's mere DETERMINATION.

Do reach the restaurants while the buffet is still on, or you'll have fried rice as packed lunch. Took a cab to Lintas for Sheng Rou Mian (top right). Direct translation: Raw Meat Noodle.

Thanks MT, for lending me your torchlight. The hike up from Gunding Lodging House was way more tough, due to the strong chilling wind. Setting foot at Low's peak (again) and the breathtaking scenery (plus meeting up friends) was worth Rm1.5K spent.
Day trip to Sabah State Museum and Heritage Village. Visiting museums completes a vacation :)

Take nothing, but photographs. Leave nothing, but footprints.

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