Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maturity VS Naivety

Is it possible to have pure friendship between guys and girls?  That was one of the suggested debate’s topics during last month’s fellowship.  

Remember my previous post which ends with “can I have this happiness forever?”  I’m sorry if my naivety in asking obvious questions has caused discomfort among readers.  

Why do humans automatically create an invisible wall when they sense things might lead to the undesired ending? Google your answer!

3 paragraphs starting with 3 questions, how lame is that. 

Earlier on, before car-pooling to church, I met a colleague throwing rubbish; I was holding two bags of rubbish too. He greeted with “throwing rubbish ah?” 

I laughed away, and replied ‘yes’ after a 8 seconds pause. 

These ‘abuden’ situations really is amusing if one see from the positive light, and it’s obvious those are initiators to conversations and words of courtesy.

-------------------------------------------------Part 2------------------------------------------------


9 months passed. Another 37 days, I'll be a one-year-old teacher in service. My kids, they are still as light-hearted as day 1. Exam stress? Only those creme de la creme, I heard.

Dealing with the 13 years old and Sunday School children has gradually affect the way I pose questions - child-like and lack thought-provoking questions.  

While sitting-in Form 2K earlier, I asked a girl who just entered the class, "Where are the rest?" in English, she stared at me and nervously answered "Saya ke tandas tadi, Cikgu." Patiently, I repeated and explained slower and finally she smiled.

2 days ago, I asked my best students, why do they come to school to study? I realized they were not joking when they answered a frown, 'mum will cane if I skip school', 'government will fine our parents', 'study la'. When I knock some sense like studying is to produce intellectuals and a civilized society, only then they nodded.  Still, some might not get what I meant now, but perhaps in the months/years to come, they will.  Just like how Chemistry and Physics only make sense to me long after I sat for SPM. 

-------------------------------------------Part 3-----------------------------------------------------

Lesson learned? It's high time to upgrade this sleepy mind of mine. Juniors have completed Masters. I think getting out of this town (fortnightly) in the pursuit of education will do good. 

P/s Amanda: momsy stuff ? =P

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