Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recall @ Kem Jati Diri

Kem Jati Diri 2012 @ SMK Kapit ended with tears.

Last night, Cikgu Funny successfully created the mood for RECALL session.  He dimmed the light in the meeting room and played the sad background music. Students came in 25minutes later than they should. Reason being we teachers chipped in money to have a barbeque supper for them.

Anyway, Cikgu Funny* was really upset (or perhaps, he used Punctuality as a set induction). Students strode in making a lot of noise. We facilitators had been waiting in the room for their arrival for a long time. They are the VIPS. They chatted happily and CF just sat in front, head down for 15 minutes. Eventually, they quieten down. CF pushed his chair backwards, slammed hard on the table, shoved the papers away and shouted at them!

The drama began!

"Tahukah anda berapa lama cikgu tunggu kamu semua?!"

"Bilakah kamu semua akan SEDAR?!"

"Cikgu tanya Tuhan, kenapalah anak bangsa ini tidak menghargai masa mereka?"

"Cikgu rela tinggalkan mak dan bapak yang dah tua dan uzur di kampung untuk datang begini jauh semata-mata untuk anak bangsa Malaysia."

"Tapi, adakah kamu semua menghargai apa yang cikgu-cikgu sediakan untuk kamu?! TIDAK! Kamu langsung tidak mengerti hidup. Adakah kamu berdoa untuk ibu bapamu? Adakah kamu buat perkara yang boleh membanggakan mereka? Tidak! Kamu semua ponteng kelas, bertengkar dengan cikgu, merokok, berjudi....jika ibu atau bapamu tiba-tiba meninggal dunia, adakah kamu akan kesal yang kamu tidak pernah membuatkan perkara yang boleh membanggakan mereka?"

The girls started to sob. When CF showed his photo with his parents, more students cried.

FYI, the target group of this camp is for the problematic students (not the hard core, but those in the border line who can still be saved).  The purpose of the Recall session is to stir up their subconscious mind.

I shed a few tears too, when CF mentioned about parents. He said, he's willing to come so far, leaving his parents at the village, just for the sake of the future generation. Every time his parents send him off, they'll hug and cry. What if that's the last hug?

ARgh...that moment stirred my emotions too.

Have I made my parents proud? Thank God they've witnessed me receiving my degree scroll on stage. I know daddy and mummy are proud the three of us have promising careers. And I also realize, as the time passed, the days spent with my parents are getting shorter.

I do want to go home. I do want to be a filial daughter and spend time with them. Thank God my brother and sister are back in Kuching. ALL my Chinese colleagues applied for transfer. Part of me hope to leave this place and just be back in my comfort zone in Kuching.

However, growing up and having teaching as a career is no joking matter. Like what my mentor advised, do you choose to live for yourself or the children?

This is where conscience came in. Thank God for giving me the passion to teach. Something bad happened during this camp. Many of the teachers are disappointed. Some are immuned by the students' attitude. I am saddened to see their hopeless and disappointed look.

I find the students creative, playful yes, but they are not that hopeless. Recalling back their smiling though tired faces, I smiled. They acted, they danced, they sang, they cheered. They praised others, they helped each other, they support their team members. They learned and practiced saying Thank You to teachers and greet us with nods and smiles. Though some of them still walk like they're taiko, but when they are on stage or being praised, they shy faces once again, reminded me, they are kids. Even as adults, we make mistakes.

Perhaps not all of them gained from this camp, but I strongly believe the activities carried out DO impact some of their lives. As a 8months old teacher, I do hope my hope for them will not diminish. Without hope, I find no reason to continue serving here.

Did I enjoy the camp? You bet I did! \(^_^)/


  1. Students will always be students. We can never expect them to be perfect. If they were all well-behaved & fastidious, we'd be out of jobs because they'd be able to learn everything by themselves at home.

    A teacher's job has evolved over the years so the way we see ourselves & our role in society has to evolve too. No use staying in the past & getting left behind.

    This activity does make a difference. It has given these students some of the attention they need & probably a jolt that they needed too. They may not want to show it but most of them know what is right. They just don't want to do it for one reason or another. We cannot force them. We just have to be there & accept them with open arms when they are ready to turn over a new leaf.

    1. Smoking and gambling a common thing in your school and hostel? They were surprised when I questioned them if they smoked, sounded as if it's their culture, what's the fuss. hm...

    2. It is but we speak against it & take action against it all the time. Perhaps your school is different.