Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kem Jati Diri Day 2

Second day of Kem Jati Diri.

The Night Walk last night was .... funny! Haha. Sorry, some girls cried out of fear as they were asked to walk in the dark around the school, guided by a nylon string along the route, ALONE, at 12:30midnight! They were given a candle each. Most candles blew out by the time they reached the second station. Some committee members jumped out of bushes to give them a fright of life!

Group performance, with the theme of 'Kasih Sayang Terhadap Guru' will start in another 20 minutes.

The highlight of this 3D2N camp will be the RECALL program at 11pm tonight. Our counselor will create a mood which will make the problematic (personally, I find them....just hyper active) students CRY...

Till then!

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