Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot Coffee

She was sitting alone at the verandah. Rows of thunder can be heard from the distance. She could feel the cold air brushing against her skin.

Her family members are sitting quietly in the living room, watching TV.

The sky was pitch dark. And suddenly she saw something white. It was all very strange and eerie. She had never see anything that eerie before.

The rows of thunder became louder and louder. And the rain poured harder and harder.

Much to the surprise of her family member, the woman told the family members what was out there. They never see anything such frightening in their lives.  A little girl screamed out of fright.

The father urged everyone to enter the house.  The woman then told the neighbours to look up into the sky. 

The two men had experienced this before in the jungle. Flashes of lightning showed the silhouette of the thing.

Few minutes later, the men returned to the verandah where all the family members gathered. In deed, someone must be brave enough to fight it.

One of the  man said, there ought to be some hot coffee, to make the whole thing funny.

"Why not? Hot coffee will make the whole thing happy," said father.

A older man asked the young girl to wash her pale face.

Minutes later, more people came by to see what happened. It was something that the girl will remember for the rest of her life.

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