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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan

Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan

"Pendidikan di Malaysia adalah satu usaha berterusan ke arah memperkembangkan lagi potensi individu secara menyeluruh dan bersepadu untuk mewujudkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis dari segi intelek, rohani, emosi dan jasmani. Usaha ini adalah bagi  melahirkan rakyat Malaysia yang berilmu pengetahuan, berakhlak mulia, bertanggungjawab, berketrampilan dan berkeupayaan untuk mencapai kesejahteraan diri serta memberi sumbangan terhadap keharmonian dan kemakmuran keluarga, masyarakat dan negara."

Simple Reflection:

Why do we study? Why do we even study to teach them to study? With this National Education Philosophy at hand, perhaps I would be constantly reminded that Education is a life long process to balloon up our individual potential.  And the reason? So that we can create a balance and harmony individual intelectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

JERI. Another reminder for self and you, exercise is crucial; as well as knowledge, and spiritually journey and controlling our emotions.  As I write this out, I am amazed by the connections between these 4 elements :)

Since young, we were taught moral values, in school and at home. Education will produce citizens who are knowledgeable, morally characterized, responsible, competent and ability to achieve well-being.  Not only for self, but we should contribute to the harmony and prosperity of our family, society, country and world at large.

Knowledge, does not solely serve as information or explanation for others, but knowledge influence, change and shape what we are today.

God bless all, especially those we are sitting for the coming SPP interview! \(^_^)/

updated 7:58pm:

Q: How do I show someone unconditional love?

Here are 4 surefire signs to go by.

Physically: You're there for them in person, standing by their side, so they're not alone.

Emotionally: You offering your support by allowing them to honestly and openly express their feelings.

Mentally: You help them think through their actions, motives, and desires.

Spiritually: You pray for and with them and help them grow in all aspects of their life.


  1. study until u blog it?? hahaha! good luck!

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  3. WOW. good reflection there! sure helps in the interview! :)

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