Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hainan Island Tour didn't come true.

Haikou Travel Attractions

Holiday beach

Holiday beachHoliday Beach, located in the west of Haikou, is a must-see destination for those visiting the city. Holiday Beach is a major recreational resort, is about 6 kilometers (about 3.7 miles) long, and enjoys a wonderful climate with sparkling waters, coconut trees, plenty of sunshine and clear skies…..

Mangrove Forest in Dongzhai Port

Mangrove Forest in Dongzhai PortMangrove is a tropical evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Rhizophora, having stilt-like roots and stems and forming dense thickets along tidal shores. There are about 81 kinds of mangroves in the world and among them about 41 can be found….

Tropical Wildlife Garden

Tropical Wildlife GardenThis is actually a tropical zoological garden which imitates the environment of the wild, covering total area of 1.3 square kilometers, in which visitors can take a look at various kinds of tropical animal in their relatively wild state…..

Dongjiao Coconut Plantation

Dongjiao Coconut PlantationTo visit Dongjiao (Dongjia Yelin) coconut plantation, visitors will have to take a twenty-minute ferry from Qinglan Harbour. This plantation has 500,000-coconut trees of various varieties of coconut peciesTracking through small footpath among…..

Highlands Hainan
Highlands HainanThe highlands, spread across the central belt of Hainan island are areas of great natural beauty, with huge towering mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and tiny Li and Miao minority villages dotted about the place all making this an unspoiled and surprisingly….

West Coast Hainan

West Coast HainanIn western Hainan, there are vast tracts of forest and long mountain ridges. In particular, the rainforests of western Hainan are filled with mysterious new plants and rare animals, attracting travelers with their own special natural splendor……

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Last year, I posted pre-Taiwan trip, and I did step my foot there; this year, for SPP Interview's sake, I can only google about Hainan Island, without leaving my footprints on my mother's mother's hometown this time.

Yang Ming Shan, Taipei~ The coldest I experienced! =D

Beach, canoe? We have it at Palm Beach & Damai Beach Kuching.

Mangrove? I've been to Bako National Park 2 months back. 

Tigers?  I've seen more well fed ones at Thailand and Singapore's Zoo. 

Coconut trees? are you kidding, (i just went to check), yes, i've one right in front of my house. 

Highlands? Cameron Highland, Genting Highlands, we have casinos and theme park there wei!

Yatch, haven't been to one, but not that i can afford that water sports even if i do go to Hainan Island...

Coconut tree wei .... Proudly presents our Hilltop Damai Beach (^_^)

Mangrove hike with youngsters.... Proudly presents our Bako National Park, where you can see the famous sea stake~!  (^_^)

Dad, mom n I posing in the cool breeze... Proudly presents our Cameron Highlands :)

SO Yes, this is solely a self-comforting entry. Ooh, I'm just so sad! Even if I am willing to skip the interview, i know my parents will strongly oppose to that naive idea.  At least Kevin and Aunty Jenny are secretly glad that I can tutor Jefferson now. Dearest blog, thanks for letting me pouring out. Hope the 17 of them had extra joy on my behalf :')  btw God, I still love you! Sorry I felt unfair and complaint, and Thank You for the past wonderful trips, and many more to come~! =D

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