Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SPP Interview 2011

SPP Interview Tips for the under-prepared people (like me)

1. Have your documents ready in the right order, with the checklist + passport glued, on the front page.  Original certs in 'Clear Folder'. Extra certs won't be awarded extra marks.

2.  Remember your CGPA.  Datok commented I downgraded my 3.757 to 3.753.

3.  Introduce yourself.  Name, school, reasons to be English teacher.

4.  What are the skills needed in teaching? In groups of 5, we took turn by brainstorming answers like: listening, speaking, reading , writing, communication, interpersonal...

5.  Pedagogy:  Mastery Learning, Learn how to Learn, Multiple Intelligence, Constructivsm (5 choose one each)  He requested this to be in BM.

6. No NKRA, no Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan, no wawasan 2020, no lagu patriotik, no micro-teaching.

7.  What are the current issues in Education? We talked about MBMMBI and the native speakers coming in the Malaysia.

8.  Situation: Solve & give opinion. In a class, the teacher separated the class into 3 groups, genious, average, n slow learners.  Good or bad? Why? 

I think that's about it. I'm just very relieved he didnt ask bout the politicians and history.  And, I'm glad my other 4 friends are so supportive and we helped each other out while we sorta stuck. 

Overall, I regretted killing my cells by worrying too much.

The day continued with makan-session with coursemates. A sereni-and-shentel visit. 2 rounds of bowling. and....

....catching my flight to Singapore~!

*see, the fun part is highlighted. *wink wink*  God bless all of us will pass the interview and berbakti kepada negara~ Good luck to those who will sit for it (^_^)