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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine, you owe me a rose. :P

14 February 2012

Sam took a parcel on my behalf from the office. It's a thoughtful present from someone, but not the special someone. Rejected flowers as I doubt they'd be fresh and blooming after undergoing a 3 hours boat ride to this island. I thought I'm the kind of girl who think buying roses is a waste of money, yes, I still think so; but the joy when we receive the flowers are beyond words to describe. So, to my husband, ONE rose on Valentine's Day, my birthday, our anniversary - 3 stalks a year, just nice for the 3 magical words.

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, I assigned my Remove Class arts students to fold heart shapes origami. Sam corrected me not to use the term 'make love'. A slip of tongue, but they did not get it. Pure innocence, I thought; until they mentioned the 'hit water gun' phrase from 'Apple of my Eye' movie. -_-"

Dinner without candles, but streetlights, with Bruno, Ling and Sam.  It's a mouth-watering meal as we no longer have to order alacarte like uni days just to save a few pennies. Bruno targets on getting a new bike; Ling started giving tuition; Sam is very excited about our soon-to-purchase RM 1030 2-door fridge while I am still, me.  Thank God for friends =)

10:34pm, I received an important sms, from someone special, which allows me to have a good night sleep.  So, is love a major part of life? Yes, above all.

Happy Birthday, my dearest Yvonne =)

p/s have not sent the handmade card.  No excitement to send anymore as it appears less attractive compared to those selling at shops. All the best girl :)

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