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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Orientation for PPPS at PPD

There are 11 districts in Sarawak and Kapit is upgraded to a district, because Kapit consists of 3 towns: Song, Kapit and Belaga.  SMK Kapit has 140 teachers with 2+++ students, and it is not the only secondary school in Kapit; therefore, with Internet access, water and electrical supply, we are not entitled the RM 500 hardship allowance.

This entry is about the Orientation all permanent new teachers have to attend at our respective Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPD); mine being PPD Kapit.

Syarat Pindah: (Apparently, most teachers who got their first posting far away from home will thought of being transferred out)

1. We CAN apply for transfer at e-Gtukar online every April (for June Transfer) and September (for January) after one year of service.

2. If you are married, you have a higher chance of being transferred to where your husband is working.

3. And if you are still single, minimum service of 6 years at the same school.

4.  Immediate family member is failing;

5. Personal safety threat, you'll need a police report as back up.

With that cruel fact which has yet to sink into our hearts, we young teachers are still ambitious to take up masters while spending our 4-6 years here. 

After seeing our saddened faces, Cik Bintang, PPD's counselor, gave us a 2 hour pep talk; which is the reason why I decided to blog this out.

1.  Our wealth will not be riches but shaping a student's life positively. Our Prime Ministers are children of teachers.  Accountants, businessmen can be rich, but their possession cannot be bring to heaven; budi cikgu? Yes.

2.  Patience is virtue.  We need to be patient if we are waiting for transfer.  We need to be patient in shaping a naughty student's attitude. And we need to be patient is allowing God to tie the knot of marriage.

3.  Make sure log book is updated.  Yes, we are to complete a ONE-YEAR duration's log book, which we'll learn more about this afternoon at the second session.

4.  Find time to seek knowledge from mentor; informally.

5.  Don't be angry as it'll cause high blood pressure.  Handling my Form 1 and Removed Class noisy students, I am mastering the skill of controlling my temper, with a  smile that stares into THAT student's eyes. *wink wink*

6.  Don't see tasks assigned as burdens; but opportunities to learn and grow. (I like this one)

7.  Don't allow language to be barriers that hinders your relationship with the students.  I wonder if I ever understand basic Iban Language here.

8.  Jangan bertindak di luar batasan.  Be extra careful in Facebook.  No rumours or negative comments.  Benefit ICT. - I've students and teachers in my friends list, I know I can categorize them by blocking certain status or shares, but that action just shows that I know 'that' is not good, then why bother to share?

9.  Incorporate stories while teaching, as relevant examples are easy for students to understand.  -  This, comes with experience and I see it's positive impact on the lesson :)

10.  Teachers are examples for students, don't smoke or drink.  (This is important.  I remember my primary school male teachers smoking until today. As for drinking, ...... )

11.  Our service is needed everywhere in the world, regardless of  only 1 student in a class for Sekolah Kurang Murid.

12.  Proper documentation, practice 5S.

13.  Ask seniors how they did the pelaporan online for orientation.

14. * Make sure our portfolio is handed to the Pentadbir. Or, a year's effort will go down the drain!

15.  Don't give excuses of 'No Time'. Find Time!  We are all given the equal 24 hours in a day. Amen! :)

16.  Wise budget.  Not just personally, but for the school.  Eg, we used our Dewan Makan for PIBG meeting instead of renting Civic Centre like last year.  Free!! :)

17.  CRK (Cuti Rehat Khas) is a facility, not privilege or right.  We are given 7 days of CRK which should be divided across 12 months. Our entire 'Teaching Life' will be recorded in Buku Perkhidmatan; just like a student's record book.  Btw, want extra income? We can SELL CRK. *wink wink*

18.  Cuti Bersalin = 300 days. We should divide and plan to have how many children with our spouse. :)

19.  Exam invigilators:  claims, $$ and gain experience.

20.  Have good relationships with the clerks. They are the ones who update our service record and Fail Peribadi, and salaryyyyyyy.

21.  We have to ask for Surat Pelantikan for any posts given by the school because that proves we are given the power.

22.  Our Rancangan Pelajaran Harian or lesson plan, MUST be checked and signed by our head of departments or those in charge, or we'll risk being fired.

23. Don't simply do 'empty signatures'.  In short, just be careful when we step into this working world.

24.  Follow procedures. No to corruptions.

That's all.  Session ended with refreshments.  Food binds people :)

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  1. and your first paycheck writes: RM6***? saw a teacher's payslip, contains hardship allowance and numerous allowances.