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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Tonight's fellowship, we discussed about the topic "Energetic"

Weird scenarios:
1. Some youngsters look so haggard while some grandparents are so lively and energetic, do you know why?

2. Some new acquaintances are so boring while others can be approachable and fun to talk to.  Do you know why this differences occur?

3. Some people fall asleep during class or meetings, but when it comes to picnics or outings, they can wake up as early as 4am to get ready.  Why?

4. We feel sleepy while driving in a traffic jam, but when we kissed someone else's butt, we immediately wake up, why?

Are you an energetic person? This reminds me of the book entitled "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  Bryne highlights the mystery of "Law of Attraction" which basically says, positive thoughts will naturally attract positive energy into your life.  Personally, I am easily fascinated by people who are energetic and have a clear goal in life.  During my uni life, I've came across a few church leaders who can successfully juggle their studies and ministry at church, and still excel in sports and have an equally attractive gf/bf.  How did they manage all those when some of us can barely excel one area of life? 

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