Friday, February 24, 2012

releasing stress

Not going to bring my Remove Class kids to APD room anymore!  Thought they'll be more interested but instead they just enjoy the aircon here, talk and play.  How to teach them? They are really training my patience. 

4th week here, and the government had paid me my salary.  Mom said I should be patient and slowly teach them. But I've lost my voice, and have been coughing for the past few days. Waking up in the middle of the night due to dry cough is not FUN at all. I mean, if they are keen to learn, fine, I don't mind carrying laptop to school and borrowing LCD and spend time setting up.

But please, you are 13! Even my kindergarten kids are more well behaved. 

No wonder all the senior teachers I sought advice told me LOVE is not the way to teach.  The moment the students know you are soft they will climb onto your heads and that's it. A noisy class! The thing is, every weekend when I attend church, pastor will preach about Love, Patience etc.

Question to ponder: Have I love the wrong way?

Things to be grateful:
1. at least 16 students are doing their work and learning. Can I just punish those naughty kids who disrupt my class by asking them to wash the toilets?


  1. wow. that's real tough. how about using TOUGH LOVE? like, remember how our parents would cane us to death? it's a tough punishment, but they did it out of love. so u can probaly use the same concept :D

  2. haha! Sam gave me a good cane last month. But it's still laying on my desk and I never brought it to class. Well, no harm to try :)