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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dreaming of Singapore, again (^_^)

Jurong Bird Park
 These unorganized pictures show my current state of mind: wanting to go to so many places.... haha. I'm not a big fan of birds, but seeing beautiful and colourful creations like this surely makes me happy~ Therefore, this is a to-go place for me :)

teaching point: tendons?
 ligaments, tendons etc... I think i've returned 50% of biology to my teacher. I remember cynthia told me, all those Biology facts came to sense after she visited Singapore's Science Centre.  Hallelujah! A solid reason for me to bring my children to singapore~! --> Education purpose! haha...

Snow World @ Science Park
 Touching snow has always been my childhood dream.  I've been to a few man-made snow world, but experiencing real snow flakes and skiing would be totally different~! Bila la...

Welcome to Singapore
 This might be the view from Singapore Flyer huh? Ah....i feel safe walking on the streets as early as 2am in the morning...
Jurong Bird Park Performance
 I love zoos! I'd strongly recommend the one is Thailand.  The shows are awesome and memorable. I remembered volunteering and lie down on the ground to be massaged by the baby elephant using its trunk. Ah... Vacations dream while working..haha~! :)

Science Centre

 The picture says it all ya? Wow, i missed Genting!! Currently waiting for kaki(s) to go to Universal Studio.

oo.so they have this kinda games/sports inside!
Now i missed Sunway Lagoon! haha...The first time i entered Sunway Lagoon was with family (primary 2), and the last time with friends (Year 2 TESL).

Oh, that's all folks.  Another 10 mins to prepare for a relief class...Ah...how nice is there is another week of holiday in April~ Guess i've to patiently wait till my practicum ends go mid May, talking about celebrating Teacher's Day and my birthday~!! Wahaha... I'm such a dreamer~! :P

Thanks for reading people; my pleasure to share wonderful stories/pictures~ May God bless you all ~! :)


  1. Yes Yvonne!! When again? Next weekend? haha.

    Malc: yeap, i forgot the name of the zoo..but it's reli good. the Singapore Zoo also amazed me :)