Quotation of the Day

Friday, March 4, 2011


RM14 per hour, anyone wanna come to Daiman's court?
 Always wanted to be good at badminton, even berkobar-kobar and bought a good racquet with Yvonne back in UPM. But? Hardly get the chance to play back here in JB... sadness.. and thr's this marvellous badminton court just opposite my house here...but no kaki.... how to improve my badminton skills? enjoy seeing the guys do smashes and back-hand swings~ Dato Lee Chong Wei ( the one and only Malaysian sportsman i admire~! )

baby pool!!

Aha! you can imagine my joy when i stepped into the swimming zone! How have i missed swimming!! it has been more than 3 months since i last dip into a swimming pool~ RM9 per entry. Missed UPM's free entry swimming pool~ Ah.... Plan to go this evening/night :)

2 pools~ Wait for me baby!

Just seeing you makes my heart leaps with joy~!

Couldn't get enough of snapping down beautiful sights :)

Daiman Sports Club even offers driving range :)
Another sports i'm not good at but have interest in :) RM980 per month by a a coach, if only....

Swing your waist~!

The best part is :

They offer PADI diving course!!!

Man, this IS one of my dream!

RM1390, 4 Days course. 2 days in-house training and 2D1N at Tioman Island, diving equipments and accommodation included, anytime. Excluding transportation to Mersing and food. Now, who is interested to get the diving certificate? :)

note: Last two days iPad 2 launched, i thought "man, i never wanted a gadget so badly. But now, entering the diving corner, i realized, i would trade in  10 ipads just to get to dive deep into the ocean!"

Santa Claus....guardian angels...my dearest samaritans...


PADI has this special e-gifts for friends. *wink wink*


  1. Din know that Daiman has so many other facilities! Good that you are staying near! :)

  2. but no one to go with me..u faster come la!!bring your swimsuit this weekend! we go to swim!! :)