Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Kingdom. New Attitudes.

After the heart-felt Sunday service at FGC, I pandai-pandai signed up for their Alive Course, Discovering Spiritual Maturity.  Today, Pastor James shared about A03 "New Kingdom.  New Attitudes."

We were given a booklet, just fill in some missing blanks. I find this idea of lesson very effective!  Pastor James is another bubbly and energetic man!  1-5pm, with 10 minutes coffee break, i never wanted a take-10 to end that fast as we were all thirsty for God's words :)

There is so much to share, the whole book, i don't know where to start.  So, i'll just share as much as i can :)

  1. Welcome to a New Kingdom.
  2. There are primarily 2 kingdoms.
  3. The Kingdom of Satan.
    1. This is the kingdom we belong to BEFORE we became Christians. (Eph 2:2 in which you used to live)
    2. The ruler of this kingdom is Satan.
    3. We 'followed its ways'.  We adopted its culture and lifestyle.
  4. The kingdom of God.
    1. This is the kingdom we belong to AFTER we have become Christians. 
    2. The ruler of this kingdom is God.
    3. We must now adopt its culture and lifestyle.
  5. The TRANSFER of Kingdoms.
  6. The two kingdoms are totally different.
  7. They are total opposites.
  8. Comparing the practice of the two kingdoms.
    1. The practice in the kingdom of darkness (Gal 5:19-20) --> Worldly System
    2. St Michael expelling Lucifer and the rebellious
      1. Sexual immorality
      2. impurity
      3. sensuality
      4. idolatry
      5. sorcery
      6. enmity
      7. strife
      8. jealousy
      9. fits of anger
      10. rivalries
      11. dissensions
      12. divisions
      13. envy
      14. drunkenness
      15. orgies
    3. The Practice in the Kingdom of God (Gal 5:22-23) --> Godly System
      1. Love
      2. Joy
      3. Peace
      4. Patience
      5. Kindness
      6. Goodness
      7. Faithfulness
      8. Gentleness
      9. Self-control
    4. The way to function in the Kingdom of God
      1. Receive the life of Jesus (change of position)
      2. Depends on our every right choice (Change of action)
      3. We need to adopt new thoughts (concepts)
      4. We need to adopt new practices (habits)
    5. 3 necessary SHIFTS in our thinking
      1. From seeking personal security in material possessions to seeking personal security in God's promises.
      2. From seeking personal significance in man's approval to seeking personal significance in God's way.
      3. From seeking personal success in man's way to seeking personal success in God's way
    6. Conclusion:  One of the very important keys to Christian Growth is making the right choices.
Our Home in Heaven (^_^)

Geez, so wordy, i would fall asleep looking at these notes. So, join us, experience the LIVE course together!! Next Sunday, Pastor James will talk about "Change Concepts, Change Lives"  too much information for me to digest in one afternoon. Will try to share in more effective ways next time :)

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