Quotation of the Day

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marina Bay Sands. Clarke Quay. Sentosa Island. Night Safari.

Durian will always be one of my favourite fruit, despite making me sick.

Checked-in at Royal Backpakers, $95 for this room :)
Gonna start earning my first salary this July, hope I could afford more luxurious hotels.  After all, vacation is for us to relax and enjoy~

Senior Yvonne. 
 She flew all the way from Kuching to revisit Singore and JB. See, she's started working, so, she can afford to stay 3 days at Singapore, while the 3 of us have to come back, dried, at12:30AM. haha.

Cynthia, my one and only Melanau friend :)
 Happy for her! As she's met her prince charming.  Whenever she mentions about her bf, I can see the happiness in her eyes! All the best Cyn~! :)

Bestie Yvonne!
 This is the countless trip we 2 have traveled to Singapore.  I thank God for such a blessing to have you throughout these 6 years of tertiary education.  It is at times like this (I'm sick), that i recall how you took care of me when i was sick back in hostel. Thanks dear~

 Darling's favorite! Brought him to Jade Pot Tea House the other day, but he said it doesn't taste like the Korean JaJangMyun he once cooked with his Korean mate.  Talking about satisfying a man's appetite...haha!

Yes, i finished the bowl of beef noodle, alone! :)
 The moment i saw this dish on the menu, my mind ran back to Taiwan trip.  The Taiwanese Beef Noodle is once again, way better than this.  Another good reason for me to revisit Taiwan.   :) I thought I covered many places in Taiwan during the 21days camp, but nah, there are so many food and places i have yet to try~

Flyer!  Entering Marina Bay Sands~
 Amir had introduced me Marina Bay Sands the other day.  Only when I entered this zone, i felt 'awed', by their building structures. I don't know much about architecture, but i know these pleases my eyes~ Haha!

Saw the ship on top of the building?
 Guess what? They have this 'infinity' swimming pool! Entrance to sky park is $20, and we don't even get to have a dip in the swimming pool...one day, perhaps when i won jackpot, i would spend a night or two at this hotel :)

Marina Bay's Casino took my $4, so i sipped his 2 cups of milo & 2 bottles of water :P
 Super cold inside, thanks to Ida for reminding me to wear jacket, and thanks to Yvonne for lending me her shawl :)  When i entered, i can't find any smiling faces.  The place is crowded, we took 1 hour to find senior yvonne.  Why are people paying so much and wasting so much time to be disappointed and sad... How many will truly win alot? I don't know.  Anyway, it's an eye-opener for me :)

Apparently, i have yet to enter Universal Studio.
 Can't wait to go to Universal Studio with my friends! Heard most of them have lots of fun there, though there are still a few games that are not opened to public.  $77, another amount of money i will spend willingly.

I love the deco!
 I'm not a candy lover, but who would resist such colourful temptations?

Once broken, considered sold.
After years of seeing that reminder, i am finally the victim. To cut the story short, i walked out buying that jar of Frooties, happily.  Thanks for a wonderful job, Kelvin :)

 Ice cream works for me best when im sad. And when i'm happy, it doubled my joy~! :)

Siloso Beach @ Sentosa Island.
 Beach or shopping centre? I'll certainly choose to be at the beach! The feeling of my feet on the sand can lit an immediate smile~ Ah, with the cooling sea breeze and lapping of sea waves, whatever worries or problems at work are taken away back to the sea. :)

Clarke Quay
 Fountains~ We can actually walk into the water fountains, snap a picture or two, and not get wet.  Yes, i totally agree, Clarke Quay is one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Singapore :)

$ 24 Beef Croissant
 dinner at TCC @ Clarke Quay.
$ 14 Mushroom Croissant

View from National Library Building.

Talking about cultivating the reading habit of Malaysians.  When i compare our Johor State library to Singapore's, nah, there's nothing to be compare at all.
Conducive environment for group discussion.

Night Safari.  $ 35.

First show: Iban Performance.

Modern type with rock music and dangerous but awesome fire performance :)

Ops. Lazy to tilt.  
 Wonder will i ever finish reading these books.  Second hand book fair, ranging from $1-6. :)

This is my last semester holiday as a student.  Looking forward to the upcoming trips~! (^_^)


  1. it's such a lovely trip dear!
    wonderful memories with your besties as well~ :)

  2. great. Looking forward to go there (uni studio) soon~

  3. hy: indeed...can't wait for our kk trip :)

    malcolm; yeah, me too :) kumpul duit ($77) then that's the first place to go after grad...