Sunday, July 22, 2012

Form 1 English SET system

Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia came out with another idea to improve the English standard among the students - Ujian Diagnostik, Sistem Set Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan 1. Basically, it is targeting at streaming the students to their English proficiency. So if you excelled in this 60 questions test, you will be grouped with the other high achievers, likewise the weaker students will be grouped with the weak ones. In other words, moving classes during English lesson.

Personally, I think it'll be easier to teach this way as we can tailor the lesson plans according to their level of proficiency. However, changing the English slots for all the 12 Form 1 classes will certainly mess up the entire time table. We'll wait and see if this turns out to be a failure or success *wink*

Anyway,while marking the papers, I came across a few rather creative answers for Forms and Functions:

Jack: I love your mother's chicken curry, Mala. It's so delicious!

Mala: I love you, Jack. (professing his love)
Jane: What do you think of my idea?
Muthu: I can see it is my idea. (sarcasm)
Janice: I'm so happy. I won the first prize in the Essay competition.
Mohd: You sure you are happy? (psychology)
Justin: I am so worried about the coming examinations.
Michelle: So happy. (monologue)

Their answers are not as provided in the answer scheme. Will you award marks for their response?

Those teachers who are teaching Form 1, how did your students perform?  I've briefed through format and even modified some questions for them to attempt before the test, but sadly, none of them pass the test. How to make them fall in love with this alien subject?


  1. How to make them fall in love? Easy, love it yourself first & share what you love. Let them discover it for themselves.

    I think this streaming thing is a great idea. However, its effectiveness will all depend on the implementation of this idea.

  2. Is your school going to implement this? Ours decided not to.

    *love it myself and share* got it :)

    1. I'm not sure if my school will implement this. It is a great idea though. However, it is a big headache to arrange esp since it's the middle of the year.