Saturday, July 28, 2012

yet another 3:00am

5 minutes to 5am.
This is the 3rd time this month I woke up at 3am...
and I think I found out the reason:


When Sam rejected green tea earlier due to the same prob,
I thought my body won't be that 'sensitive'

will just keep a record of my fruitful Saturday :)

Michelle brought a new girl along this morning,
May God bless me with wisdom in teaching them
and they'll find lessons engaging and fruitful.

Helped out at HIMC (Hock Ing Methodist Church)
for Sunday School Day
we decorated the stage, with the theme 'Father's Garden'
pasted with lots of flowers, fence, butterfly and clouds :)
Hope things will be smooth later
and Father will be pleased :)

watched the London Opening Olympic 2012 at Ping's house
Ah, Rowan Atkinson, your facial expression carves smiles upon us!
Is it time for us to invest in a TV and subscribe to Astro?
Will I really be here for long? hm...

Koko called :)
Shared *secrets*
He hopes I'll apply for transfer back home end of this year
As much as I'm falling in love with the life here at Kapit
I do want to settle down back in Kuching
with my family

Kitchen spring cleaning with  Sam
Ah, surprised and disgusted by a colony of ants partying under the cabinet's mat
To the creator of rubber gloves
Thank you!

Ah Wong picked us for BBQ!
It's Pastor's Appreciation Night tonight too
I had a 15mins dilemma on which to attend
BBQ it was!

1. Sour Plum Chicken Wings. (Have you tried? It's my first time! and I'm looking forward to the next! Yummy!)

2. Sweet Corn (Clair recommended to sprinkle some salt. Fingerlicious!)

3. Smoked Sausages (though double the price of the normal frankfurters and only 5 in a pack, the meat is of the better quality)

4. Cheese Tofu (my new indulgence! The cheese melts and oozes out when's it's being BBQed :)

5. Baked Potato (the first half I unwrapped from the foil paper was softer compared to the second half)

6. Marshmallow (reminds me of Cameron Camp, ah...with the night breeze caressing our cheek, having these melting marshmallow in our mouths are just awesome)

The bonding time was memorable. Just the 6 of us, the number of my 'Saturday-night-gatherings' colleagues decreased...given the reason BBQ might trigger their heaty body. Yeap, recently a few of my colleagues are not feeling well. Gotta wake up earlier for a cup of oats to absorb the oil/butter.

Quality sleep :)

Hope to catch an hour of sleep. Hope the kids will perform their very best! 

Blessed Sunday to all~!

P/s Father in heaven, please give me a heart willing to serve in the children's ministry. I'm ashamed to admit that I still felt 'being forced' to take up this task. HIMC is in need of sunday school teachers and though I've been acting as temporary relief teacher, I'm not ready to take charge over the Year 1 class. I've very little bible knowledge and I fear the kids will not learn from's the 3rd time pastor assigned and I think I will give it a shot. Say one semester k.

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