Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Joy 2

I've another little joy to share with you today :) well, it's actually the same as last week's; but today, it's even greater, as we had the most enjoyable lesson - Poem Recitation! \(^_^)/

It is undeniable that when things are free, one will less likely to cherish them as compared to things you paid for.

So yes, the girls that made their Miss Ho so motivated this morning are my tuition kids. The numbers are few so I get to give undivided attention to each of them. They are angels this morning, so eager to learn the right pronunciation, the intonation, the facial expression and when I see them rehearsing on their own with enthusiasm, I just can't help thanking Father God for today's lesson.  Initially, I planned to teach Directed Writing today, but since all  the 3 of them decided to take part in the coming Poem Recitation Competition, both parties (teacher-students) spent the 2 hours (which extended to 3 hours unknowingly) improving their recitation.  Boy, am I glad to see improvements in just a lesson! Imagine what a leap CAN they achieve should their motivations be constantly that high!

I realized myself getting more anticipated as they progressed! And that magical feeling is the reason why I penned down this entry.

Thank You God for sending angels into my life.  They are from the weak classes; their teacher didn't even inform them of the competition, most probably assuming they are not interested. They will be competing with the higher forms from the best class, but who knows, they might outshine their seniors and even if they lost, the experience they gained will never be stolen.

p/s The girl I trained so briefly last week won second place for the Chinese Speech competition, out of everyone's surprise. Proud of her! =D

Conclusion, teaching is really an emotionally rewarding career :)

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