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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Retire Young Retire Rich (reflection 1)

Started reading Robert T.Kiyosaki's 5th book 'Retire Young Retire Rich' this morning. The advantage of being an afternoon session teacher is that I have yet to experience Monday blues, thus the body-clocked 8 hours beauty sleep :)

Chapter 1 talks about 'How to become Rich and Retire Young'.  Robert highlights the importance of answering WHY instead of HOW.

Quote page 9, Rich dad often said "Many people ask me how to do something.  I used to tell them until I realized that even after I told them how I did something, they often did not do it. I then realized that it was not the how to but why I do something that is more important. It is the why that gives you the power to do the how to."

(Reflection: No wonder my brother and friend asked WHY do I want continue Masters? My reasons are everyone's doing it, can leave this system and be a lecturer, prestige etc.. -_-")


Why Robert decided to retire early?
1. He was fed up with being broke and always struggling for money.

(Reflection: At the age of 25, I am not struggling with money just yet because I have no commitments. Nevertheless, I am aware that when the house, car and babies come along, with a teacher's pay, I will not be spared from this challenge either.)

2.  He was tired of being average. Through school, teachers said, "Robert is a bright boy but he just does not apply himself."  They also said, "He's bright but he'll never be as smart as the gifted kids.  He is just above average."

(Reflection: Gee. Self reminder, substitute 'unhelpful' words with motivating words to my students. Honestly, I am pretty comfortable with being the average me. I swim, draw, cook, bake, sing, sew, play piano, jog, hike, play badminton, joke, dress, make up, organize, clean up, drive, speak, write, read AVERAGELY. I admit admiring others whose fingers danced swiftly on the piano keys, who is blessed with melodious singing talents, composers of music and poem etc..practice makes perfect? Ha, gradual improvement I guess)

3. When Robert was eight years old, he came home and found his mother crying at the teacher table. She was crying because they were buried under a mountain of bills.  His dad was doing the best he could to earn more money, but as a schoolteacher (-_-"'), he wasn't doing so well financially.  All dad could say was, 'Dont worry, I'll handle it." Be dad didn't. The way his dad handled it was by going back to school, working harder, and waiting for his annual pay raise.  Meanwhile, the bills kept piling up and his mom felt more alone with no one to turn to.  His dad did not like to discuss the subject of money, and if he did, he only got angry.

(Reflection: Time to accept that the fact that my teaching career is not going to make me rich. But it's alright, I am truly loving my career and believe that this is God's calling for me. Though my kids make me angry and disappointed at times, I am beginning to manage my emotions and look at the bright side.

Nevertheless, I hope my husband and I won't quarrel over financial issues but solve it together. Typing this down, I am preparing my heart. Should the issue arise, remember Yiing, don't argue but solve it together, with God.)

4.  The most painful why of all was the reality that he then had beautiful young woman in his life, Kim.  He had met his soul mate and she was in that financial mess because she loved him. He did not want to repeat a family pattern. At that moment, he found his real why.

(Reflection: Thank God I'm not a man! Seniors, how do you guys manage your finance? Some of you have bought a car, some a house, some even have babies and travellllllll :)

Currently, I've not found my main reason to retire young and rich. Will update soon after I read the following chapters.)

Last 2 days of July, August is coming. So is school holidays! (^_^)


  1. teaching tuition is extra income! u r doing well :)

  2. Thank God for the kids. They keep me sane here. Haha. Missing you...can't wait for Raya!