Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Brainstorming on how to start this entry.  First of all, I'd like to thank Yvonne and Samantha for introducing this blog Mr Yong, an English teacher from SMK Batu Lintang who is now serving at Song; a name I've heard few months back. He's really an inspiring and dedicated teacher, like Miss Sweatlee and Miss Amanda.

It's really motivating to read their blogs as their passion constantly remind me of my calling as a teacher. Allow me to write a paragraph to de-stress. I've been teaching at this town for nearly 6 months, it really gets pretty depressing when students no longer fear me, thus a failed classroom management. I know the theories of 'carry out the punishment you mentioned', 'love and sincerely care for them', 'demerit or bring them to the discipline teachers' etc. Shamefully, these students (honestly, just that 5 monkeys in Removed Class) appeared 'so friendly' towards me that they just open my handbag to take the Toilet Pass and leave the classroom. I hate that part of me. I wanted to be the strict teacher who walks down the stairs and they will run back to their seats, take out their books and wait for me to enter. I wanted to be the dedicated teacher to mark their books and write corrections for them. I wanted to be the fun teacher who will attract students' love for English. -end of grumbles and dreams.

This entry is to thank the bloggers for their words of encouragements and stories of their experiences. I'd also like to thank our discipline teacher, Mr Hii for he stood by my Removed Class' door for nearly 20minutes. For the first time in 6 months, I read aloud, they followed; I explained, they listened; I tested, they answered. A memorable 20 minutes lesson!

Allowed them home 3 minutes earlier before the school bell rang;

Miss Ho: Remember to be this good for the next English lesson.

Monkey 1: (runs out of the class eagerly, smiles and says) Bu Ke Neng. (Impossible.)

------------------------------------------her story continues-------------------------------

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