Sunday, July 8, 2012

How and Why of Imaginations

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     Just great, 2 posts in a day. Tossed on the bed for an hour. Am I experiencing insomnia? I actually pictured myself buying exercise books for the whole Remove Class, they were so excited, sit down quietly and write their names on the cover neatly. I planned to teach them using those beginners' materials I taught at Cambridge Tuition Centre. I envisioned the better students finding these 'A for Apple, B for Banana' activities as easy as ABC. All these imagination evolves just to curb the irritating excuses they give daily - 'forget to bring'. But the sad thing is my Form 1 kids spelt Apple as Apel and Banana as Bebana! I still can't forget my shocked facial expression when a student from my best class (5th) handed her file, with the word 'Inglish' on the cover. Inglish! I have been their English teacher for nearly 6 months, and they give me - Inglish. . Patience. Why do thoughts and imagination appear in our mind? Time to google!*wink!*

   So, according to Ellie D,

"Imagination is the essence of life, if humans had less imagination, human race would have extincted.
What is imagination? It is the internal energy that makes us think and progress. It is the direct effect of survival instinct. Every act done by any human is to survive. Survival!
  • We eat to survive
  • Our body fights diseases to survive
  • We seek for sex to reproduce - to survive
  • We give attention to what we wear and what we drive, to attract the attention of the other gender, reproduce and survive
 When i say survive, i do not mean the survival of the person, it is the survival of human race, even more it is not the human race, they are our genes. And life sacrifices individuals to save those genes."

     Genes! Ha!

"Imagined images are seen with the "mind's eye".." - wikipedia

   Am I ...alright? I mean, I remember my dreams; they were so real. How come I never hear my friends sharing their dreams. I think I spend too much time thinking, and most of the time, my imagination will run wild. Is this normal? Lolx, see, I am typing as if my blog is my psychiatrist! *scary!* This is MY blog anyway. haha!
Information I find interesting to share:

  1. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination ... is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."[8]
  2. Taking objects from real perceptions, the imagination uses complex IF-functions to develop new or revised ideas. 
  3. Imagination can be classified as: (a) voluntary (the dream from the sleep, the daydream)                  (b) involuntary (the reproductive imagination, the creative imagination, the dream of perspective) [Huh? I don't think I 'volunteer' those nightmares into my]
  4.  From the work of Piaget it is known that perceptions depend on the world view of a person.
  5.  Imagination, because of having freedom from external limitations, can often become a source of real pleasure and unnecessary suffering
  6.  Imagination can also produce some symptoms of real illnesses. In some cases, they can seem so "real" that specific physical manifestations occur such as rashes and bruises appearing on the skin, as though imagination had passed into belief or the events imagined were actually in progress. 

Geez! Isn't our brain an amazing organ?

Heart: Brain, it's time to sleep. Be good and don't think but rest k?

Brain: Don't worry, heart. You sleep too, and seriously, you should focus on your sole responsibility of pumping blood.

Heart: I know, I am learning not to be a busy body. Just that loneliness take the toll on me. I admire you because you have so many roles to play; Neocortex and Thalamus control imagination, while others take charge of emotions, memory and thoughts.

Brain: Thou shall not compare. As the logical organ, I command you to click 'publish' and switch off this netbook and get into bed. Be a good girl k.

Heart: Wish me sweet dreams first? I sleep soundly when someone wishes me sweet dreams.

Brain: (pergh! perempuan memang emosi gila!) Sweet dreams and have a good night rest, Miss Heart.

----------------------Writer had Teh C for breakfast; she thinks she is caffeinated still----------------------

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